Diversified Bits and Pieces

Strategy Graphic Design Graduation

The goal of the thesis is to identify patterns and motives of diversification strategies of internet-based firms. This corporate strategy of entering new markets with new products has mainly focused on conventional firms. The findings suggest that gaining market-power and the reaction to competition and market mechanisms are important motives.

Art Posters

Graphic Design

Dog themed, minimalist art print for home decoration

TU Delft - 150 Years of Mechanical Engineering

Branding Graphic Design Front-end Development

2015 marked 150 years of mechanical engineering at the faculty of 3mE. Many initiative were initiated to include students and staff in this impressive milestone.

Ans Delft

Branding Graphic Design Front-end Development

Ans Delft provides students and teachers with digital examination software to reduce the administrative workload and allows students to reflect on their work.

TU Delft - Maart Master Maand

Graphic Design

The 'maand master maand' is a recurring event at the faculty of 3mE with the goal to provide bachelor students with information for conducting a master in mechanical engineering and maritime engineering.

DWH // Outsite


The ‘Delftse Werkgroep Homoseksualiteit’ is a non-profit association for LGBT community in Delft, which organises a variety of activities, creates social awareness and is advocate rights for the LGBT community.

Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij


Proposal of new strategy in a saturated market