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I craft clean and unique websites to connect with your customers.


Whether I talk about your website or your flyer, every piece of your brand should be promoted properly. Your brand can emit the emotion you like to tell and I am eager provide the handles to connect with your customers.


Solid development is essential. Customers have to find you on desktop and on mobile. A proper SEO and responsive design helps you to get everything out of your website.


The foundation of your brand lies in a clear strategy: your goals, your target audience and your brand values. My understanding of your strategy is the start of a great result.

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Diversified Bits and Pieces

Strategy Graphic Design Graduation

The goal of the thesis is to identify patterns and motives of diversification strategies of internet-based firms. This corporate strategy of entering new markets with new products has mainly focused on conventional firms. The findings suggest that gaining market-power and the reaction to competition and market mechanisms are important motives.

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